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Ingeniería y Montajes Rías Bajas, S.A. (IMRB) is a company in the industrial sector with a long professional career. More than 30 years of experience in engineering, manufacturing, assembly and maintenance of industrial facilities both nationally and internationally.

Manufacturer, installer and repairer of pressure vessels
Large number of professionals at your service


In 1969, the company "Metalúrgica Rías Bajas, S.A.", appeared in the metallurgical market, arising from the need to provide services to companies in the sector. He had high experience and highly qualified personnel in repairs and assemblies of large industrial boilers and other industrial equipment, and was a recognized Galician company with national and international projection.

Subsequently, in 1987, personnel of this company (core management, technical and highly qualified professionals) with more than 25 years of experience founded Ingeniería y Montajes Rías Bajas, S.A..

Since its inception, the experience acquired by our professionals has been transmitted to our current team. Currently getting a young team with high experience.



Our field of activity focuses mainly on:

  • ▶ Supply of materials, mainly elements for industrial boilers.
  • ▶ Manufacture of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, economizers, superheaters, various elements of pipes and all types of boilermaking and metal structures.
  • ▶ Manufacture of firetube boilers, aerorefrigerators, evaporators, towers, digesters, tubular bundles, etc.
  • ▶ Assembly and disassembly of these elements, as well as the maintenance and repair of industrial installations of all kinds.
  • ▶ Design, project and calculation of most of our products.

IMRB is a leader in the sector thanks to our quality requirements and a highly qualified human team.
We have developed the necessary procedures for the manufacture, repair and assembly of pressure equipment. To highlight our means for welding, with more than 300 welding procedures for materials in carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel by EN and ASME; in processes Gtaw, Smaw, Gmaw, Fcaw, Saw, Tig-orbital. We also have welders qualified by EN-ASME in all the processes mentioned.
For the realization of tests we collaborate with Accredited Laboratories such as AIMEN, AZTERLAN ..., and Inspection companies for tests like DIAGNOSTIQA, APPLUS, ... which adds an additional guarantee to our products, as they are independent entities.

Human team

IMRB has highly qualified personnel, as well as an important geographical mobility capacity.

We currently have a young staff with a lot of experience.

We have our own repair workshops, with approved equipment for verification / calibration and applications for control and monitoring, so the tool is always in an optimal state making our implementation effective in the client's facilities.

By virtue of our experience we have obtained a wide catalog of welding procedures. With welders of first category approved in different materials (carbon steel, stainless steels, alloy steels) in TIG, semiautomatic, …

All our workers are in continuous training processes, committed to Quality, Prevention of Occupational Hazards and the Environment.

The professional development of our employees is vital both for their personal development and for the organization.

Production capabilities

Product manufacturing and monthly production limits

Curving of boiler tubes
80 Tm
Finned tubes Economizers
15 Tm
Manufacturing Economizers
80 Tm
Manufacturing Reheaters
40 Tm
Manufacturing Exchangers
15 Tm
25 Tm
Manufacture Air-Coolers
15-20 Tm
Pipe prefabrication not boilers
25-40 Tm
Manufacture Boilermaking / Pressure vessels
80 Tm
Manufacture Stainless Steel Boilermaking
10 Tm
Manufacturing Metallic Structures
200 Tm
Reduction tubes ends
2.000 Tubes (4.000 Reductions)
Forged curves Reheaters
3.000 Curves

Assembly / maintenance and monthly limits

Assembly Metallic Structures
200 Tm
Assembly Boilermaking
250 Tm
Medium and large diameter pipe assembly
200 Tm
Assembly of boiler elements
250 Tm
Maintenance works
80 Workers
Annual stops review
80 Workers

Number of works of average type, for the capacity of the company, that can be developed simultaneously: 4/6

If you want to be part of our team, you can send your resume to personal@imriasbajas.com

Main customers

Quality, Environment and Safety and Health at Work

IMRB is committed to the quality of its services and has obtained certifications in quality (ISO 9001), environment (ISO 14001) and health and safety at work (ISO 45001)

Quality is one of the most important objectives in IMRB, since all our processes are subject to high controls.
Our quality controls are subject to continuous improvement throughout the organization and allow us greater satisfaction of our customers, as it is an essential requirement to guarantee results consistently.

The company is committed to the safety and health of its workers by providing them with the necessary tools and preventive measures.
In addition to providing continuous training in Occupational Risk Prevention according to the ISO 45001 international standard, we integrate Preventive Culture at all levels of the organization and strive for a vision of zero accidents.

IMRB works by preventing, controlling and decreasing the environmental impact, complying with the ISO 14001 standard, with the applicable legislation and environmental regulations. We promote actions that respect the Environment and prevent pollution.

Quality, environmental and occupational health and safety Policy

INGENIERÍA Y MONTAJES RÍAS BAJAS, S.A. (IMRB) is a company specializing in manufacturing and erection of boilers and/or their equipments, pressure equipments and steelworks in general, as well as erection, repair and maintenance of industrial installations. Management establishes a strategic objective to develop activities in a competitive way appropiate to the customers’ needs.

Hereby this policy IMRB is committed to:

  • • Achieve the complete satisfaction of our clients, providing them services in accordance with the requirements and specifications established explicitly or implicitly, striving to exceed their expectations.
  • • Identify and evaluate periodically our environmental aspects that generate or could generate impacts on the environment.
  • • Minimize these impacts, running our efforts to the protection of the environment, including the prevention of pollution and the sustainable use of resources.
  • • Provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and deterioration of health.
  • • Comply with the legal requirements applicable to IMRB, as well as other requirements established by clients or voluntarily subscribed by IMRB.
  • • Eliminate hazards and reduce occupational health and safety risk.
  • • Promote in the organization the continuous improvement principle, as a rule to improve the quality of the products and services provided, the environmental performance and the occupational health and safety and the effectiveness of the management system.
  • • Compile and analyze the available data about the performance of the quality, environmental and occupational health and safety processes, in order to detect areas for improvement.
  • • Periodically establish quality, environmental and occupational health and safety objectives, with a minimum annual frequency, taking this policy as a frame of reference.
  • • Continuously train our employees, so that to ensure their professional competence for the work to be done and knowledge of the environmental guidelines and the applicable occupational health and safety instructions.
  • • Promote and facilitate consultation and participation of workers and their representatives.
  • • Periodically review this policy, to ensure that it continues to be adequate for the purpose of the IMRB, and the nature and magnitude of the environmental aspects and the risks for occupational safety and health identified.

In order to accomplish with this policy, we have a quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management system, according to ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 standards. This system is focused on the prevention of defects, more that towards correcting them, with special attention to the control and strengthening of the processes.
The Management of IMRB, S.A. will communicate this policy to all persons who work for the company or on its behalf. It will also be available to interested parties.

November 28, 2022.



ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is the standard for quality management with the highest recognition worldwide, used to continuously manage and control quality in all processes.

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 14001

The ISO 14001 standard is the international standard for environmental management systems (EMS), which helps your organization to identify, prioritize and manage environmental risks, as part of its usual business practices.

ISO 45001:2018

ISO 45001

ISO 45001 is an internationally recognized standard that establishes the requirements for the implementation of a Safety and Health Management System at Work, aimed at the identification and control of risks and the adoption of the necessary measures to prevent the occurrence of accidents.

EN ISO 3834-2:2005

EN ISO 3834-2:2005

EN-ISO-3834-2 (Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials) defines comprehensive quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials both in workshops and at field installation sites.

EN 1090-1:2009 + A1:2011

EN 1090-1:2009

EN 1090-1 (Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures - Part 1: Requirements for conformity assessment of structural components) Execution of steel structures. This certification covers execution classes EXC3, EXC2 and EXC1.


Company certified as an Installer of Pressure Equipment and as a Repairer, Maintenance and Preservation of Pressure Equipment.



The company is on the Repro platform (pre-qualification system for the energy sector for the capture and management of high-performance suppliers.

Ingeniería y Montajes Rías Bajas, S.A

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