in Ingeniería y Montajes Rías Bajas we carry out engineering and project design tasks.
For the execution of our designs and projects we have specific fixed and portable work stations for the CAD design.
We use Solidworks as usual program with which we have improved our workflow by making 3D designs and, taking advantage of the simulator, we perform calculation studies on the pieces. We also take advantage of the system of search and control of versions of drawings that facilitates the detection of possible errors.

We also have an own management program from which we take advantage of data from previous projects.
We work with Microsoft Office365 complemented with Microsoft Project for the programming of works in great detail, this is relevant when coordinating all activities, in general and in technical stops in particular, since in the latter there is a large number of interferences with other activities and companies.
We also have our own calculation programs to adjust procedures (forming, bending, welding, etc.) developed by our experience, know-how and work procedures.

The main tasks we perform are:

  • - Design and analysis of pressure equipment and tanks.
  • - Preparation of detail plans for manufacturing and assembly.
  • - Design and calculation of piping systems.
  • - Realization of isometrics and lists of materials.

Usually we perform the mechanical calculations justifying the work conditions stipulated for the equipment to be manufactured and installed. They are made according to the indications of the applicable regulations, whether European or American.
Less frequently we perform thermal calculations of heat exchange (in simple cases or with simple systems).
The metal structure is something complementary to the rest of our work (pressure equipment, air ducts and combustion gases, pressure pipes, various heat exchangers, solid transport systems, etc.)

International standards of design of common use