We have a great experience in technical stops in industrial plants, whether preventive, corrective or renovation of facilities.

We perform among others, the recovery of wear parts, either by welding reload or by replacement of damaged parts.

Maintenance works
For the realization of the activity we have, among others:

  • • Own tool repair and maintenance workshops
  • • Approved equipment for verification / calibration of instruments
  • • Equipment for the realization of thermal treatments to welds
  • • Equipment required for hydraulic tests
  • • Machinery for bending and forming of pipes
  • • Machinery for cutting (oxy-plasma) and sheet metal folding
  • • Machinery for turning and machining parts
  • • Equipment for blasting and priming parts
  • • Special welding machines
  • • Table for welding pipe fins
  • Welding positioners
  • Welding Column for Submerged Arc Procedure SAW
  • Turners used in welding column or in cylindrical equipment processes